This is my memory

Half blue and half yellow half autumn, I were born I have my hometown again.
Village a quiet, autumn leaves HKUE amec , shu shu, even the heel with the wind, a little the voices of flowers in spring. By accident, the haystack stand big rooster a face upwards sirens, red jagged crown elongation neck; Mother under a peck insects cooing, looking from time to time the black similar, he bowed their heads and shame, now is not lay eggs, no pride, well, the male is beauty.
The sky is still blue, the tall birch set off a few green house park red brick, two green leisurely fe sprawl, and life is good, qingming rain is thin.
Yard cloud, Holly was tackled well moss rings; Pumping water duck make huan, spots gaga was slow to turn; Mensch chaifei corner, first read want to master huang wag tail swing with bones, faces a slave transform quickly, swish drops series drink outside a hospital around flowers to the door with a barking dog.
Bird's nest and in between hall, as I so people go empty nest, familiar people return, smell disappear between liang yan twitter. You at home ok? Until next year to spend hair when we meet again, once a sunset and close feeling.
In front of house, two osmanthus tree, full-bodied fragrance thoroughly, well-developed don't back to the palace, the imperial concubine Li Gutang huang sad tears wet heart. Ma Wei sweet soul rafter slope wash moonlight on the highest heaven nine straight, the goddess of the moon spread in the moon palace, into his chest yutu pregnant with spring HKUE ENG . Tianpeng longji with drunken tianya reduced.
Noon time, in the village got angry. Yellow the days grandniece, touch the cousin went into the house, hiss cold said unfortunately, child mother do the rich three in Shanghai, only to return to the countryside, the elder sister said, she is old, after these children do? Sigh, shaking her head slowly away. Small moon come brother head held high. Mother said, the thing is not thing, Ye Xia and married a woman died a month. Sell the house to provincial capital developed to the town, the village, he has a relative in the provincial party committee, that I know. Didn't love, is silent yan fu, he filed a boring go shiny leather shoes. Meditation, the high Joe hometown of guangdong music music loudspeaker preach to come over, I couldn't help laughing. Joe's master was a widower, a pockmarked, laughing a face are flowers. Daily, zha zha, with other people's house petty farmland fruit and innocuous. Lewd and his character, courage is small, up to cough loudly in widow under the window, he was afraid of every family dog. He beat a fool wife and dead thick stick the master it. A drunk village to beat his wife, an amplified speakers sings in the sea voyage on a pilot. in the mouth to blow out of a gradually blurred in the smoke.
Holiday for two days, briefly , in the village head, reluctantly. Day river around the village, witnessed the day mouth village two hundred change, and I is, after all, a traveler, the future does not belong to me, my soul is always stay in here. My hometown, goodbye!

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