caught in her case

Because she believes that, "Love has everything!"
Her container is this pair of eyes.
Goodbye old man hk luxury apartment , she was already in heaven silently looked at me for several years. Her son-in-law lead me into the room, some democratic chaos and cold and cheerless. She is on the east wall ribs, caught in the moment, and the reading of "zhuangzi" in the sunshine in the afternoon. To the old man said her son-in-law, a hokage. I stood by her side,  become eternal.
I saw this pair of eyes, and smile, my memory of the gate up all of a sudden, is rolling out the warmth and yearning, like a flood.
At this point, I realized her eyes have been through my life, permeate up my memory and impression hong kong apartment for rent , like a shiny star.
The old man called bing xin, a looking for in the love, search for and harvest.
A boy and an old man, in this life through the eyes, chance meeting and parting, like two short break up after the party, but put up a hongqiao, sunshine and birds singing, under water with the moonlight hong kong apartment finder , are related to love.